Grabs from Quarterly

I recently donated money to Jeremy Lin’s foundation through Quarterly. For all you guys who don’t know what Quarterly is, its a website that makes it so when you donate a certain amount of money, every 3 months or so, the curator, in this case, Jeremy Lin, creates and ships a box full of goods that he personally selects.

This was the 1st ever Jeremy Lin Quarterly box so with me being a superfan, I of course paid 75 dollars to see what the hype was about. Among the items were…

 a nice Adidas backpack. Fitting because I had been looking for a nice backpack.

There were a lot of other stuff, like food and a book but the main grab was…

IMG_1241 an exclusive autographed card back when Lin was in high school!

I was very happy about the whole box and I’ll probably order another one next time.

Third-Base Pickups

With Giants 3B Casey Mcgehee being DFA yesterday and Matt Duffy entering the 3rd base role, there is question if Duffy is going to stick there. We take a look at potential trades the Giants can make to bolster their left side of the infield.

1. Trevor Plouffe

Twins power hitting 3B Trevor Plouffe could be an excellent addition to the Giants. He is batting .270 and has an OBP of 0.353 with 7 home runs to the mix. Plouffe offers more offense than Duffy and if added, so shift Duffy back to the utility role.

2. Todd Frazier

Frazier would be an interesting get for the Giants. Free-agent eligible at 2018, the Giants would need to give up something significant for their farm like maybe a Kyle Crick type player. Known for being a power-hitting, Frazier would give the Giants an offensive boost with his 13 home runs.

Mail Success Number #5

I really hope this is the 5th mail success. There had been too many of these that I lost count haha. Well I got this autographed card about a month ago but totally forgot about it. I went to a Giants versus Orioles game last year and tried to get one of my favorite pitcher Wei-Yin Chen’s autograph there. The reason he is many favorite pitcher is because he comes from Taiwan which is where my family is from. Taiwan has not had a good major leaguer since Chien Ming Wang when he was on the Yankees. However during that game, I was not able to get a signature.

Well I sent this card in 2014 after that game hoping to get his signature. After 8 months of waiting I finally got it back. This card, along with my Kershaw card is probably my most prized card.


2015 Giants Preview & Projections

Spring Training is just around the corner with pitchers and catchers already reporting for duty. This year, the San Francisco Giants have come off another impressive season, winning another World Series Title. However, the Giants offseason has been nothing but exciting, with the 2 biggest acquirements being Casey McGee and Nori Aoki. This year’s roster will sure be different due to the fact that star tried basemen Pablo Sandoval leaving for Boston. This year’s 25 man roster prediction is slightly easier as the only major competition is between the backup catchers. The roster projects to be:

P -Madison Bumgarner

P-Jake Peavy

P-Tim Hudson

P-Matt Cain

P-Tim Lincecum

P-Yusermiro Petit

P-Ryan Vogelsong

P-Jerermy Affeldt

P-Sergio Romo

P-Santiago Casilla

P-Jean Machi

P-Javier Lopez

P-Hunter Strickland

C-Buster Posey

C-Andrew Susac

1B Brandon Belt

2B Joe Panik

SS Brandon Crawford

3B Casey McGee

IF Matt Duffy

RF Hunter Pence

CF Angel Pagan

LF Nori Aoki

OF Gregor Blanco

OF Travis Ishikawa

Mail Success #4

Yesterday, I was greeted with a piece of mail that I had sent. I was certainly not expecting this as I did not send any mail out to any players this season. When I opened the letter, I was ecstatic to see a signed Yankee card from southpaw C.C Sabathia. I certainly was not expecting this as I sent this card over 3 years ago. I’m glad to see that Sabathia was kind enough to go sign cards from years ago. IMG_0639

2014 in review

Happy holidays from Baseball at The Bay

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 910 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

World Series!!!

The Giants won the World Series! The Giants won the World Series!

Yeah I know I’m a bit late on that. But I got two prized additions to my autograph collection that are from players that contributed to the Giants World Series run.

Both of the autographs were one’s I’ve gotten when the two played in San Jose.

The first one was a vital player that was 6th in Rookie of the Year voting and a mainstay at 2nd base for years to come.

Second Basemen Joe Panik


The other player filled a huge role on the bench and let star Buster Posey rest when necessary.

Catcher Andrew Susac


I am happy I was fortunate enough to get the 2 World Series Champion’s autographs. I wish them all the best in years to come.

7/8/14 @ Angel Stadium


This was the 1st MLB game I attended this season. Sadly, I didn’t get any autographs because I was attending this game with this program for high schoolers. Angel Stadium was also the 3rd major league stadium I visited so far with the other 2 being AT&T Park and Oakland Coliseum. 

The 1st pitch started at 7:30 and it was a pitching battle between Blue Jays pitcher R.A Dickey versus Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. The Blue Jays scored their first run in the 5th and proceeded to win the game 4-0. 

I liked the vibe of Angel Stadium a lot especially with the fountain in the outfield. 


6/29/14 @ Municipal Stadium

On 6/29/14, I attended my first baseball game this season. This was between the San Jose Giants and the Visalia Rawhide. My dad and I got to the stadium at around 11:30 and bought bleacher tickets. When we got in, I headed to the Visalia dugout looking for 2013 1st round draft pick Braden Shipley. After some other players passed, Shipley finally came out from the bullpen to sign for me and the 5 other guys that were looking for his autograph. After I got his autograph, I went to this Mobil booth inside the stadium that was giving out prizes. I spun the wheel and magically landed on the “Special Prize”. I initially thought the special prize would be something lame like a coupon or whatnot but it turned out to be amazing. The prize was a San Jose Giants autographed team ball!

2014 San Jose Giants Team Ball

2014 San Jose Giants Team Ball      

After, I headed to the Giants dugout in search of getting 2012 draft picks Chris Stratton and Martin Agosta’s autograph. However, I could not find them. The first San Jose Giant autograph I got was pitcher Stephen Johnson who was drafted in the 6th round of the 2012 draft.

Stephen Johnson autograph

Stephen Johnson autograph

After, I proceeded to get the autographs of Brian Ragira and Jesus Galindo. For some reason, Jesus didn’t sign on the sweetspot even though I asked him to.

Brian Ragira Autograph

Brian Ragira Autograph

photo 5

Jesus Galindo Autograph


I headed to Turkey Mike’s after and got this amazing burger that consisted of 2 hamburger patties with pulled pork on top. I stayed and watched the Giants beat Visalia 2-1.

Down On the Farm:Midseason Review

Almost half of a season has gone by for minor leaguers. While things have not been going so well for top pitching prospects in the Giants system, the Giants batters have certainly made an impact

1.Kyle Crick-RHP- Crick has experianced the roughest season to date. He has a decent 3.88 ERA in 41 innings pitched but has allowed a whopping 33 walks. He often struggles to get of innings which contributes on why he goes on average about 3 innings per game. Many analysts are projecting Crick as a late-inning reliever if his command doesn’t improve.

2.Joe Panik-2B- Panik, the 1st round draft pick by the Giants in 2011, has been quite a surprise. Panik has hit 0.321 at AAA this season with 5 home runs. He possess a advanced bat but needs work on defense. He recently got called up to the Giants.

3.Andrew Susac-C- Susac has cooled off his bat in June but is still hitting 0.262. Many dub Susac as the player who will move catcher Buster Posey to 3B. Susac has been dealing with multiple injures this season which included a concussion. He has improved a lot on his catching ability this season.

4.Adam Duvall-3B-Duvall has one of the hottest bats in the Giants farm system this season. He, along with Mac Williamson, has the most power in the system. Duvall has the PCL leading 23 home runs this season and could end up starting next year for the Giants if Sandoval decides to leave.

5. Edwin Escober-LHP-Giants 2nd best pitching prospect has had a dismal 2014 season. Escobar has a 5.31 ERA at AAA this year. He was pegged as an eventual replacement for Ryan Vogelsong next season so he has to turn it around for him to get a shot.

Other Notables

Derek Law-Once slotted to be in the bullpen my the end of this season, Law has dominated AA but recently suffered an elbow injury and might need Tommy John surgery



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