Projectin’ the Giants 25 Man Roster

Spring training has been in full blast and Opening Day is less than a month away!

Many people wonder who would be cut from the Giants roster, will there be any surprise prospects, and whether top prospects like Edwin Escobar and Derek Law will make the roster. Well…here are my projections


RHP Tim Lincecum

RHP Matt Cain

RHP Tim Hudson

LHP Madison Bumgarner

LHP Jeremy Affeldt

LHP Javier Lopez

RHP Santiago Casilla

RHP Sergio Romo

RHP Erik Cordier

RHP Ryan Vogelsong

RHP Yusmeiro Petit

RHP Jake Dunning

Position Players

C Buster Posey

C Hector Sanchez

1B Brandon Belt

2b Marco Scutaro

SS Brandon Crawford

3b Pablo Sandoval

Utility Ehire Adrianza

Utility Joaquin Arias

RF Hunter Pence

CF Angel Pagan

LF Michael Morse

OF Gregor Blanco

OF Juan Perez


One Year Aniversary

I can’t believe it has been exactly one year since I first started this blog. Boy! A lot has changed since the beginning. I have written more about collecting autographs nowadays. I recently had gotten over 300 views in less than one month as well. I hope to continue writing as the year goes on and like to thank my viewers for the support!

Autographed Prospect Duo #3

Okay, the title is a bit of an lie. I actually only have new autograph to show you guys.  I got a card from Mets top prospect Noah Syndergaard. I sent this card in the summer and just got it back today. He even personalized the signed card for me!


My Linsain Christmas

Warning: This has nothing to do with baseball

I was going to post this earlier but I had a ton of schoolwork to do. On Christmas, I got some pretty awesome sports related presents. All of them were Jeremy Lin related. If you guys don’t know, Jeremy Lin is an Asian-American point guard on the Rockets. He is also my second favorite player behind Stephen Curry. 

First, I got an Linsanity DVD from my cousin which I just watched yesterday. It’s a very detailed and amusing movie that you guys should watch if you get the chance.



The second thing I got was this Jeremy Lin action figure that was cool.



Lastly, I got an JEREMY LIN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO!!! I was super elated about that gift. 


My SF Giants Top 10 Prospects for 2014

Before we begin, I like to saw that these rankings are based on my opinions. Feel free to comment if you disagree with the rankings. 

1. RHP Kyle Crick-Crick is the top prospect of the Giants. I’ve seen him pitch a couple of times in San Jose and he seems really good. I think his control can get better to the point where he becomes an number 2 or ace. 

2.LHP Edwin Escobar – Escobar really established himself last year by the way he pitched in San Jose and Richmond. I would say that his ceiling would be a number 3 pitcher  and probably be a loogy at worst.

3. OF Mac Williamson- Had a decent season in San Jose but needs to cut down on some strikeouts and increase contact. I believe that he can be a regular starter at best and a bench player at worst

4. RHP Alberto Mejia- Had a good season at San Jose. I think will become better and bigger has he is still very young. He has potential to be a number 3 or 4 starter in the Giants rotation by 2015

5. SS Christian Arroyo- Arroyo has been better that what I had first thought of him. I like his bat a lot and think he might have a chance to stick at short. He is still very raw though and we have to wait a bit longer to find out if he is the real deal or not.

6. C Andrew Susac- very underrated catcher in my opinion. Has decent bat but needs to stop bringing injured. If Susac can improve defensively, he could move Posey to 1st in the future 

7.  LHP Ty Blach – Big fan of Blach. He has very good control and is a prospect that is going to break out in AA. He could be an effective bullpen guy in the future or an number 4 or 5 starter. 

8. RHP Clayton Blackburn- had a bit of an disappointing season in San Jose but he is still very young. Hope to see him progress in AA next year. If he can make improvements, I would slot him as a number 4 starter in the Giants rotation by 2015.

9. RHP Chris Stratton – A bit worried about his performance in Augusta last season as he was an advanced pitcher in the draft.  He still has potential to be moved to the bullpen if he continues to struggle.

10. RHP Derek Law – One of my favorite prospects on the Giants. Law had a breakout year last year in San Jose. He has a nice slider and could be a replacement for Sergio Romo by 2015 or 2016

Next Five:

Joe Panik

Keury Mella

Gary Brown

Joan Gregorio

Ryder Jones

The Two In One After New Years Combo

Remember that Jeff Locke card that I had gotten on the day after the New Year? Well…. on January the 3rd, I had gotten 2 more cards back! That’s one of the best starts to year year I had ever had. The first card I got came from none other than this star in the making…..

Manny Machado!



This card was his Topps Pro Debut card that I had gotten a while ago. 

The next card I got was from Royals pitcher James Shields. Image

I was nice to see that I had already gotten 3 cards back this year! Hope the coming months will bring even more good luck to me! 

New Years Present

Happy New Year!

Hope you guys had an wonderful 2013 and are going to enjoy 2014. Right on New Years Day today, I recieved an autograph by mail. I guess that’s a sign that there are good things to come in the upcoming year.  I got an autographed Jeff Locke card! I sent this card to Locke around July and he sent it back to me right on New Years Day! Anyways have a happy 2014!


An Ode to Brett Pill

Happy Holidays!

As some of you guys might have known, 1st basemen Brett Pill was recently traded to KIA Tigers. Pill was traded to Korea because of the opportunity of being an everyday starter there. He was one of my favorite players on the Giants. I had actually gotten his autograph when he was on the Fresno Grizzles. I can only hope he will continue to strive and make it back to the MLB soon.


Dear Brett Pill,

I hope you will have an amazing time playing baseball in Korea. As a Giants fan, I appreciate the times you helped us beat the opposing team. I wish you luck in your future endeavors in baseball. On behalf of all the Giants fans, I hope that you will one day return to the Giants.


An appreciative Giants Fan

Topps Triple Threads

A couple weeks ago, I bought a box of Topps Triple Threads. The Topps Triple Threads usually costs 200 dollars and contains a low-numbered autographed triple relic and and a low-numbered triple relic card. I was pretty excited because this was actually my first time buying super expensive and high end cards. 

After I received the box, I opened one of two mini-boxes that were inside. The base cards were nothing special as I got David Price, Willie Mays, Joe Mauer, along with some other players. Each mini box had 2 special cards that I was excited for. I got a Evan Longoria relic card and a Chris Heisey signed card. I thought my first box pull wasn’t too bad but also wasn’t that good. However, I was about to be amazed.

Image Image


The next mini box I pulled out was incredible. The first card I pulled out was……




a CC.Sabathia, Clayton Kershaw, Cliff Lee, triple relic card which was 7/24. 

The next card I pulled was…..



A 1/1 Mike Trout, Jesus Montero, Yoenis Cespedes autographed relic card. I was elated by the 2 amazing cards I got.

I personally recommend you buy the Topps Triple Thread boxes if anyone has money to spare.

An Autograph from Mr.CY

Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in MLB right now. Even though I’m a Giants fan, Clayton Kershaw is my favorite pitcher in baseball. It was no surprise when Clayton won his second CY Young award in only 5 seasons of his dominate career. However, it was a huge surprise when I had gotten an autograph from him a few weeks before the Red Sox won the world series. I had sent Kershaw a card to sign in the beginning of the 2013 season. 


I actually was very surprised I had gotten his autograph because he is such a famous and well known player. This card is the best and favorite card I have received through the mail beating the Drew Stubbs card I had received a year ago.


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